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Extended Essay Timelines

November: Students attend the general extended essay session and then visit subjec specific seminars. Please visit the calendar for the schedule of these seminars.

December 3rd: By this time, students have selected a subject and topic. Students must be taking the subject to write an extended essay in it.

December 13-17: An extended essay supervisor is assigned based on the choice of subject and topic.

January-March: Students are to conduct research. The library will help faciliate this research by offering a session in conjunction with the Ottawa Public Library.

Week before March Break: Students must hand in an annotated bibliography of their research to the Library.

April-May: Students will have a formal meeting with their EE supervisor. Students can be, and should be, consulting with their supervisor throughout the process. This should not be the first time they have seen you.

May and Onward: Write your EE.

September 12: Penultimate draft of the extended essay is handed in. Your supervisor will read this draft and provide comments, marks, and feedback. This should be done at a formal session with your supervisor. You can then take this draft and improve on it where necessary.

October 31st: Final draft due to IB Coordinator


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