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Extended Essay Guide

Colonel By students can choose from a number of subjects and topics for their extended essays. In general, we do recommend that the subject for the paper be a subject that the student has experience in, and preferably one that the student is taking as an IB subject toward their diploma. As teachers are the primary supervisors, they are best able to serve students in their subject specialty.

Please download the complete subject guide. While it may be tempting to scroll straight ahead to your chosen subject, make sure to read the Outline section which offers tips on what makes for a successful extended essay, and what strategies to avoid when writing the paper.

The extended essay, along with your overall score in ToK (based on your ToK essay and your ToK presentation), will ultimately count toward a possible 3 points for your diploma. The table below explains how points are awarded based on which letter grade is received. Should you score an 'E' in either your extended essay or ToK, you must get 28 diploma points in order to be awarded the diploma. An 'E' score in both will result in an automatic failing condition.

Diploma Points Matrix


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